Born 17th February, 1995

Espoo, Finland


Career goals:
For me it’s important to have comprehensive work experience and interesting job. But I want to try every kind of job.

Language skills:
Finnish                  mother tongue
Swedish                 excellent
English                   good
Spanish                  basics

Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School 2011-
Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Level comprehensive 2008-2011
Hansakallio Lower Level Comprehensive 2002-2008


Hygiene Cartificate, a standardiced test on health and hygiene

Scout Leadership

 Work experience:

 Ciao! coffee, Vocational Trainig Period for school

Tasks: cleaning and customer service

Free time:
I like to ski and sail with my family. Otherwise I hanging out with my friends and read.

 I’m a scouter. In scout, I have been leader for three years and I have planned and actualized different happenings, like trips. I’ve been scouter for 9 years.

Dance is my real passion. I have always danced. I have danced in many dance group and took part of different competitions for example Finland’s championship.

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